Manual Handling

What We Do

We specialise in Forensic (Litigation) Engineering. We have been providing expert witness services for all levels of court in Ireland, for four decades, over which time we have been involved in many thousands of litigation cases.

We also provide a range of other traditional engineering consultancy services, such as structural surveys, construction supervision, design, and planning.

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Manual Handling

Who We Are

John Mooney & Company Consulting Engineers was founded in 1983 by John Mooney, a civil engineering graduate of University College, Galway.

We are based in Galway, but we work throughout Ireland. We have a specialist team of eight staff , including engineers, technicians, and support staff. We are always on the look out for experienced engineers to join our growing firm.

All of our engineers hold appropriate engineering degrees, and are members of the relevant professional bodies.

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Forensic Engineering Galway

Forensic Engineering

We have been specialising in Forensic Engineering (litigation engineering) and expert witness services in Ireland for over four decades.

A forensic engineer will inspect a location, equipment, or machinery relating to an accident, and prepare a technical report, which will form part of evidence in a court case. As an Expert Witness the forensic engineer gives expert evidence in court, on the basis of the content of their report.

We are instructed by insurance companies, solicitors, public and private companies and private individuals. We are a Galway based company, and we accept instruction to carry out inspections throughout Ireland.

We accept instructions on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.

Our policy is to present our technical findings in a professional report in a clear and concise manner, which can be easily understood by the recipient regardless of their technical or professional background.

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Typical Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents

We are qualified forensic collision investigators (UCPD). We carry out detailed surveys of the scenes of road traffic accidents, and we present our findings in technical reports, with location photographs and location maps.

Work Place Accidents

If an accident has happened in the work place, we will investigate the accident, analyse a company’s systems of work, staff training, safety statements, risk assessments and company policies and procedures, and we advise our clients on the appropriateness of their systems, and their potential liability.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common types of accidents. Many floors will demonstrate a high resistance to slip when dry, but can become slippery and hazardous when wet.

Manual Handling

If you have employees that carry out any lifting, it is imperative that you carry out risk assessments, provide appropriate training, and implement appropriate policies and procedures relating to manual handling.

Industrial Accidents

Typical types of personal injury claims which often arise from industry, include injuries relating to machinery, equipment, slipping, falling, lifting, manual handling accidents, or repetitive strain from working on an assembly line.

Farm Accidents

Farms are a workplace where safety is often overlooked. If you have people working on your farm, you have a duty of care to their safety.

Other Professional Services

Building Property Damage

If your property has been damaged, and you want a technical assessment carried out on the property, we can help. All of our engineers have extensive experience surveying and inspecting properties.

Planning Applications

Our planning experts provide planning consultations to clients, and we provide expert advice in relation to planning procedures, and constraints. We can carry out detailed surveys of your property with laser survey equipment, and we can prepare maps, plans, drawings, reports, etc, to support you with your application.

Building Surveys

We carry out detailed conditional and structural surveys of domestic and commercial properties, and we prepare detailed comprehensive engineer’s reports for prospective buyers, sellers, auctioneers and solicitors.

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